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A dream that comes true.

As you already know, I'm busy with the building of the cockpit of the legendary DC3. I am therefore permanently looking for information about this plane. Those also gathering information about planes are for long aware that this is not an easy task.

It could take sometimes a long time to get the right way or the right person's name. I've already had found a good source of information at the Brussels' Army museum where I was able to find a lot of technical drawings but there was still a problem. How does this cockpit look in the real world? How large is it?

I hadn't found the cockpit measurements yet. The only thing I could do was to look for people who had ever been in this cockpit or try to find one. This probably was unthinkable since there were only a couple of planes of this kind in Europe.
I finally discovered on the Internet a DC3 panel designed by RCS panels. I must admit that I never had seen such a realistic panel rendering. It is a truly photorealistic rendering of the true panel, with all the switches. It is also an invaluable tool about the way to work this panel out. Any DC3 lover should have it. A good news is that it is freeware. I sent a mail to thank them to have designed this panel and released freely over the Internet. I told them I was busy with the cockpit building  and that I was looking to pictural details and measurements of a 'Gooney Bird'.           
They replied to me the day after stating that he was able to send me detailed pictures of the cockpit as well as its measurements. He also gave the e-mail address of  one of his friend, Jeroen Plettenberg, Operating Officier of the Dutch Dakota Association

I  had to contact this person hoping to go there in Schiphol to take the measurements on my own. I immediately wrote down a mail asking him whether he could send me some measurements or, would he be too busy or not able to do so, if I could not get them by myself. I was not very optimistic about getting an answer guessing that taking measurements by myself inside a DC3 would be illusive. To the contrary, the day after, I couldn't believe my eyes: I had received an answer to my mail and a couple of weeks later I was the DDA's guest for a first working visit.


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