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The purpose of this part of the web site is to give you some more background information on what is still going on behind the scene on the Static Dakota Flight Simulator.
The Dakota is slowly nearing its final completion. But this doesn't mean everything is already finished. There are still so many things to do, but because they are not yet completed they will not be highlighted. This is why it takes some time before I write a new article about it.

To change all this Technical Sergeant J.V. and Test pilot Major V.J. came up with the idea on giving you a preview of the ongoing work and test flights so you stay up to date with the novelty's.

News Archive

25 February 2017

We are up and running again. The connection of all the panels, interfaces, joystick and sound system all when flawless thanks to the good documentation and numbering beforehand. From the first test everything seemed to work well except for on detail. The flap- and gear levers didn't work. I forgot to plug in the connecter behind the overhead panel. This was quickly fixed. All is now in working order again and we can again enjoy the wonderful world of flight simulation again in our exclusive cockpit. This is a big relief. Still it is always an adventure and a step in the dark. But the cave we fear to enter holds the biggest treasure.Now we can continue building and perfecting the interior, add some warning lights etc.



05 November 2016

The move and the reconstruction in my new house of the cockpit has gone smoother than expected. The cockpit is almost completely reassembled. I only need to reconnect the interfaces and PC. Fingers crossed that all is still in good working order. It lacks me now more of free time, so everything is going on a slower pace.
From the moment everything is up and running again I will keep you all posted.

Moved cockpit


16 January 2016

I hope you all found your way to the new URL
In the mean time we are preparing the move of the cockpit to our new house. The room in which the cockpit will come is ready except for some miner details. From the moment on we will start moving I will keep you posted.
We are looking for a newer approach with some modern hardware with an open source software. Named ARDUINO. At this moment I'm in the learning faze, but so fare it seems very promising.

On 13 & 14 February I will be present on 25 the anniversary of the FSCB. For more information please visit there web site on





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