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Dear Visitor,

Like You all can suspect from the title and photos, my passion is constructing my own static flight simulator from the world famous Dakota.

The whole story starts in november 1998 when I, for the first time, played with the idea on constructing a cockpit. On this web site You can read about the whole story from the beginning, the gathering of information until the final construction of each separate part. Today an no 2007 the cockpit is almost complete except for some small details and some improvements. It has become a little bit my lives work and I look back at it with great pride.

On this web site You can find numerous articles about the construction of the cockpit together with some photos. I will try to give You a regular update in the category news of the newest developments. Further You will find some travel story's from flights I made in a Dakota of the DDA Classic airline.

To find your way faster through the vast amount of information I reviewed the articles and divided them in categories. More about this on the baseline of this page.

I wish every one a lot of reading pleasure.

Cabin construction

The construction of the cabin has taken place in several steps. We started with the bottom modules and some time later the top side was put up. The final enclosure is made at the end after the cockpit was as good as finished. The description of the complete construction you will find here in the following articles.

  1. Construction of the bottom modules
  2. Pilot seat
  3. Construction of the middle module
  4. Construction of the basic structure of the cabin
  5. Finishing the cabin.



What I mean with controls is the Flight stick ,the Pedals, the Pedestal, the Gear- and Flap levers. The construction of this will be described here in the following topics

  1. Construction of the pedals
  2. Construction of the break system of the pedals.
  3. Construction of the flight stick.
  4. Assembly of pedals and flightstick in the bottum modules
  5. Construction of the pedestal.
  6. Construction of the hydraulic system (Gear,Flap)


Instrument- and overhead panel

The construction of the different panels together with the assembly of the switches, instruments and interior lightening is described here.
  1. Construction of the overhead panels.
  2. Construction of the front panel.
  3. Interior illumination.


Instruments DIY

The construction of simulated aircraft instruments from a bought commercial kit as well as making your own instruments from scratch with different kinds of propulsion and reworking real aircraft instruments so you can use them in your simulator is described here.

  1. Building instruments from a commercial kit.
  2. Central Control Unit housing
  3. DIY radio stack part 1 (Housing)
  4. DIY radio stack part 2 (Keyboard emulation)
  5. DIY radio stack part 3 ( 7 Segment Displays)
  6. Making your own dual needle instrument.
  7. Making your own single needle instrument.
  8. Making your own Whisky compass.
  9. Landing gear indicator
  10. Fuel indicator




These articles will describe the electronics I used in my cockpit.

  1. Analogue joystick connection.
  2. Connecting switches to FS with the K8000 interface.
  3. Dimmer cockpit lights.
  4. Radio stack dual encoder, swap use/stby
  5. DIY USB Joystick "Mjoy 16"





Here I will lift a tip of the veil on how to make the connection between a switch and your flight simulator with Visual Basic programming.

  1. Theoretical view on how the connect FS and the computer interface.
  2. Adapting the FS*.cfg configuration file for the radio stack.
  3. Software development for the radio stack.
  4. Writing your own cockpit managements program in VB6 Part 1.
  5. Writing your own cockpit managements program in VB6 Part 2.
  6. Upgrade to Windows 7.




In these articles you will find the different source I used to make my project come through.

  1. Prehistory
  2. A dream come through.
  3. Visit the DDA classic airline
  4. "Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation" from Mike Powell. Evaluation of the book.
  5. Links



Visual system

In these articles You will find information about different possibilities to create visual systems and the visual system I use in my project.

  1. Theoretical reflection on 3D vision.
  2. My visual system.



Instruction and Demo film.

For those of you who like a bit more action or see an instruction film there are now some short films available.

  1. Startup.
  2. Take off.
  3. Landing
  4. Startup and take off in Duxford


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